PLEASE READ Forum Rules // General Server Rules

  • Our server launch will occur in October! Stay tuned for updates!
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Sep 23, 2019
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Hello there! Listed here are the forum and general server rules! Specific server rules can be found in the links below or in the server's respective forum.

Discord: Click Here

Forum Rules:
  • While swearing is generally allowed, targeted harassment and hateful language (as deemed by our moderators) will be hidden and disciplinary actions will be taken.
  • Post in the correct forum, off-topic, "shit posts", or other similar content belongs in the general discussion forum.
  • Do not attempt to enforce forum rules unless you are forum staff [as indicated by the "forum staff" banner].
  • Do not bump posts just for bumping. In addition, necroing posts is generally discouraged unless for good reason.
  • Do not spam e.g. irrelevant or unsolicited consecutive posts, private messages, status updates, needlessly long messages, etc
  • Do not post graphic images/links that include nudity, overt sexual imagery or morbidity anywhere on the site.
  • Do not post or send users malicious links.
  • Do not advertise other servers, networks, or websites.
  • Do not release private information about another user without their explicit consent. Information that the user has released publicly within the forum or server is considered fair-game.

General Server Rules:
The following rules apply to ALL servers unless explicitly noted in the server-specific rules.
  • Do not use unauthorized clients or game modification (A list of acceptable modifications will be posted)
  • Do not attempt to gain access to restricted parts of the server (the server box, restricted parts of the map, etc).
  • Do not use exploits to your advantage. The only exception to this rule is looking for exploits with the intent of reporting them (although we prefer our staff to).
  • Do not attempt to DDOS the server, IP requests will be logged and reported to proper authorities.
  • Do not abuse the donation systems. Any payment disputes or chargebacks will result in a ban. Please talk with a leader if you need a refund, we will work it out with you.
  • Do not attempt to sell your account, or give your donor perks to others. You only are allowed to change your UUID once on your profile.
  • All actions that are made by your account will be treated as your actions. Allowing others to use your account comes with the inherent risk of serving their punishments.
  • Do not impersonate staff.
  • Do not use the /callstaff command unless there are no online staff (or online staff is AFK). Abuse of this system will result in disciplinary action.
  • Do not leave a server to avoid punishment. Your UUID is logged, and leaving the server will be considered evading punishment (and ban time will double).
  • Do not attempt to use an alternate account to access the server. Attempting to circumvent the punishment system will result in a permanent ban.
These rules are subject to change at any time.
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